Hi, do you know me ?

My name is Nathaniel, I work as a SW Engineer in an Israeli startup, and today I have made the decision to start my programming blog. Let me explain you why.

There are so many programming blogs today that you may ask yourself what new the classic programming could bring to the world, well to be honest I have not thought about this yet, but I swore to myself to find a good answer before next year…

Still, three main motivations pushed me into this:

  • keeping my programming level, and even boost it.
  • make one of the things I most enjoy: teaching.
  • Improve my english skills.

Let’s explain this in little more details.

Hi-tech job as a programmer or any other possible job Hi-tech, seem idyllic for people before they get into it. Someone who loves writing code, can only dream about the time he will get his first job, and start coding 8/9 hours a day.

The reality is a little less ideal. As people who have been working as programmers long enough know, being a programmer involves a lot of other tasks than programming. Some other tasks which can be far from programming, and let’s say it, even boring.

That’s why, one day, finding myself in one of those situations, I have decided, to come back to the classic programming exercises, the ones you are asked at the interviews, the same ones every newbie or old programmer should know. No matter what the language is, C, C++, python or even Cobol!!

So I decided to go back to those classic exercises, in brief, to the classic programming. Because I know that the day I will decide to look for a new job, I will be ready for getting into interviews. Since I am continuously in the thick of those questions, ranging from data structures (vectors, trees, graphs…), to all kind of sorting algorithms, via classic string or bit-wise operations exercises.

For now, my main objective is to add as many questions and their detailed solutions as possible. Of all kind. According to what I am working on at the same time.

I will be pleased to get your comments, and have a chance of improving my articles.

Programmatically yours….


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